“Some people are worth melting for.”
Olaf, character from Frozen (The Movie)

Weddings With Children

by Reverend Arlene Goldman ~ 954.494.3744


We usually think of a wedding as being between two people in love. But today, it’s more common that a wedding ceremony is not only the blending of two hearts but also about a blended family. Including children in your wedding ceremony can be fun and occasionally necessary in order to make everyone feel loved and a part of the new family.


Family Sand Ceremony

Blended family wedding ceremony


“You were perfect for us. I couldn’t have hoped for a better person to fit into our family on such a special day.”
….. Jennifer & Govinda Spiritoso


Children can participate by simply walking down the aisle. They can join in with a Family Sand Ceremony which is not only the blending of sand but can symbolize the blended family. Sometimes a piece of jewelry can be presented (and who doesn’t like jewelry!) or giving a gift that’s meaningful and appropriate to each child.

Children in your wedding ceremony are always welcome! Call or text at 954.494.3744 or use this link to Contact Us.
We’d love to be a part of your “Happily Ever After!”

Beach wedding with children

your children in your wedding

Ceremony with Children


“I wanted you to know I felt as if I was in a Fairy Tale …”
….. Dianne & Cale Brandon


Kids in a wedding

Blended family wedding

Blended family ceremony