‘When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.’
Billy – age 4

Reverend Paul Goldman

South Florida Wedding Officiant

As an ordained non-denominational interfaith minister and South Florida wedding officiant, I am honored to perform traditional and non-traditional, spiritual and civil, formal and informal wedding ceremonies at your choice of location.​

Fort Lauderdale wedding ceremony

South Florida wedding


“…The words in your ceremony were beautiful.
You made us feel very special!!!”
—–Rachael & Adrian Carter

I feel blessed to perform wedding ceremonies because the love between couples always opens my heart. It’s a privilege to be a part of that love.

“…It was truly magical.”
—–Vicki & Matt Hazledine

Since college I have studied religious teachings and spiritual truth. For over 40 years I have practiced meditation and I have followed a spiritual path.

Getting married in Fort Lauderdale

Interfaith wedding

“…It was perfect and you did a fantastic job…”
—–Vicki & Doug Sigg

I have been married to Arlene for over 40 years and I like to think I know something of what works in a relationship.

Being a workaholic, when I can steal a moment I like to swim laps, watch Hallmark movies (my wife likes to tease me about that) and I try to live in the moment.

What advice would I give to newlyweds? Marriage takes work. Make your partner the most important person in your life. Have enough love in your heart to make your partner’s happiness the main focus. Keep a sense of humor. Show affection every day. When issues come up, communicate honestly with each other. That’s the key to bringing the relationship back to where you want to be.

baby blessing

“…We really loved our ceremony,
it couldn’t have been more beautiful!”
—–Minerva & Shelby Townsend

Beach Wedding

Amazing ceremony

“You and Arlene have been so great throughout this process
and we are so thankful we found you…”
—–Nicole & A.J.Wilson

As a non-denominational interfaith minister, I perform interfaith weddings and I perform civil ceremonies as a Florida notary public.

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