‘Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he’s handsome.’
Chris – age 7

Vow Renewal Ceremony

by Reverend Arlene Goldman ~ 954.494.3744

A vow renewal ceremony is saying “I Do” to the same person all over again. Renewing your wedding vows is rededicating yourselves to each other. This could be the beautiful wedding ceremony that you always dreamed of- the ceremony you never had years ago when you first got married. Maybe you would like to mark a special anniversary by honoring and appreciating each other at this time in your marriage. Maybe your vow renewal might be a private ceremony for just the two of you. Maybe you’d like to surprise your husband or your wife by renewing your vows? Maybe you are planning a second honeymoon and what would be more romantic than to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other?


Wedding Ceremony of Jessica & Matt 4.9.2005

Jessica & Matt

Renewal of Vows Ceremony for Jessica & Matt 4.9.2014

Jessica & Matt

“You were absolutely amazing and our wedding wouldn’t have been
as special without you…”
….. Jessica & Matt Arenholtz

Now you both understand that to make a marriage succeed it takes love and hard work. It takes trust, dedication, faith and commitment. It takes open and honest communication. It takes respect and friendship. And it also takes a sense of humor!

“… Because of you, my parents have memories
that they will cherish forever!”
….. Gail Dreyer, on her parent’s 50th Anniversary

So if a renewal of vows ceremony is a gift that you both would like to give to each other, Contact Us. I’d love to create a heartfelt ceremony for you as you renew your vows, and take you on a stroll down Memory Lane!

It would be my honor to assist you as you rededicate your lives to each other.

Beach Ceremony to Renew Wedding Vows in South Florida

Renew Wedding Vows on The Beach at Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida


“If you’re thinking about renewing your vows, don’t hesitate.
With Rev. Arlene, chances are it’ll be more fun,
personal and heartfelt than the first time…”
….. Katy & Jim Dudleyz


Personalized Ceremony for Wedding Vow Renewal with Reverend Arlene Goldman


“…We could tell that you really enjoy what you do…
Not many would have gone out of their way as you did.
Our ten year anniversary will always be
one to remember and treasure.”
….. Stefanie & Rick Steigerwalt


Beautiful Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Happy Renewal of Vows Ceremony


5 Star Review of Civil Ceremony to Renew Wedding Vows with Reverend Arlene Goldman
5 Star Review of Customized Vow Renewal Ceremony with Reverend Arlene Goldman in South Florida