“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
Judy Garland


Intercultural and Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

by Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant Arlene Goldman ~ 954.494.3744


It’s common that when two people in love contact me to talk about their wedding ceremony, they are coming from two different backgrounds. Love transcends differences so we have the opportunity to see and understand the sameness in each other.

Getting Married Under the Chuppah in South Florida

A South Florida Wedding with Wine Ceremony


“My husband said that he could not have imagined a more spiritual and moving ceremony
without a mention of anything having to do with a particular religion.”
….. Carol Kaplan, Mother of the Bride

An intercultural and interfaith wedding ceremony can be celebrated by recognizing and embracing traditions from both of the couple’s backgrounds, and family and friends have the ability to learn more of each other’s faith and culture. Breaking the glass, a Jewish wedding tradition, Jumping the Broom, an African wedding tradition, or lighting the Unity Candle, a Christian wedding tradition, can easily be added to your to your wedding ceremony to reflect your heritage.



“… The comments about your ceremony were the most beautify of any of the comments we received…
The guests were so impressed with your style and your simple teachings about faith and love.
You were incredible. It was sincere, heartfelt and perfectly delivered to an audience that was ready and anxious
to receive your message and understand the traditions of one another’s faiths…”
….. Jo-Ann & Sterling White


The couple also may decide to be neutral and not engage in either’s history. The decision of course is up to each couple. The important thing is the love and the magic between the couple. And I can design a beautiful and romantic ceremony and tell the couple’s love story so that their love can be felt in every heart present -no matter what direction the couple decides to take. That’s the reason we are gathered in the first place!


An Intercultural Wedding Ceremony in South Florida

South Florida Wedding Ceremony with Russian Bread Wedding Tradition


Years ago I performed a beach wedding ceremony for a bride and groom and the groom’s family had never before attended a wedding that hadn’t taken place in the church. When the ceremony was over his mother told me that she had been anxious for months, but having experienced the love that she felt between her son and his bride, and feeling the love of the Divine right there in nature, she realized it didn’t matter where they were! And that’s the feeling we’re going for!

We’re happy to assist you in whatever direction is comfortable for you! Contact Us! and we can answer your questions about an intercultural wedding and an interfaith ceremony in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach.


A Scottish Wedding in South Florida

Cup of Honey, A Persian Wedding Tradition, During the Wedding Ceremony in South Florida

An Intercultural Wedding Ceremony in South Florida


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5 Star Review Testimonial that Rev Arlene Goldman Created the Perfect Personalized Wedding Ceremony