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    Nondenominational beach weddings in South Florida Wedding Traditions and Wedding Customs

Wedding Traditions and Wedding Customs

Wedding ceremony traditions and wedding customs are a wonderful way to personalize your custom wedding ceremony. Incorporating wedding traditions from past generations can be a lovely way to honor your heritage. Or create your own wedding tradition!

The following photos are only a few wedding ideas. Of course there are many other romantic, religious and cultural traditions. Consider adding a butterfly release, balloon release, stone ceremony, sea shell ceremony, coin ceremony, veil, cord and lazzo ceremony, hand fasting ceremony and tying the knot. I am open to traditions and additions that are meaningful to you and that make your wedding ceremony all the more memorable.


Lighing the Unity Candle is a Christian Wedding Tradition
Unity Candle

Christian Wedding Tradition

Unity Candle with Children
Unity Candle
With Children

Breaking the Glass is a Jewish Wedding Tradition
Breaking the Glass

Jewish Wedding Tradition

Jumping the Broom is an African American Wedding Tradition
Jumping the Broom
African American Tradition

Wine Ceremony for your Wedding
Wine Ceremony

Romantic Rose Ceremony
Rose Ceremony

Love Letter Memory Box Wedding Tradition
Love Letter Memory Box

Romantic Theme Weddings
Theme Wedding

Dove and Bird Release for a Romantic Wedding
Dove Release

Unity Water Ceremony Wedding Tradition
Unity Water Ceremony

Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony
Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding Tradition
Unity Sand Ceremony

Non-Denominational Wedding Tradition 

Have a Unity Sand Ceremony with Your Children in South Florida!
Unity Sand Ceremony

Kids Join Unity Sand Ceremonies in a Weddding
Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony with Children

"Alex and I were so moved by the ceremony and how you made us feel
so comfortable. It was beautiful and we will always cherish it."
– Deborah & Alex Petkus

“Our ceremony was beautiful. Everyone keeps telling us that it was
the most personal, heartwarming ceremony that they've been to ..."
- Sherry & Mike Beldowicz

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